Best Sounding Vintage Record Players to Buy

The Pyle vintage record player is probably your best pick if you love music.In an era of digital music, the vintage record player is making a surprising revival. The popularity of vinyl seems to be at a high and continues to increase as we go on search for as greatest sound quality as possible.

It is true that a lot of us can’t really tell the difference in the notes sometimes but audiophiles and sound engineers do notice the far inferior sound quality that is associated with digital music.

You might not have known this but when you use mp3 players and other playback devices that play digital music, you are compressing the sound waves produced. In comparison, old record players produce a far more consistent response and this is where these phonographs hold the edge. This is also the main reason for the revival of a device that shouldn’t really have any place in producing music in this generation.

Yes, you can’t argue with the fact that vintage record players look amazing and would be the perfect way to enhance your décor. However, due to the technology these days, should this device really be in such a high demand? Regardless of what we think, the increase in the popularity of the phonograph is in existence and sadly, a lot of audio technology companies are making poor quality versions of these devices and selling them at a high price. It is extremely important for us to distinguish between the good and bad vintage phonographs and buy one that has the best style along with the best sound quality. Just like with everything else, you should always be on the look out for vintage record players with the characteristics of style and substance.

Again, there are a lot of these phonographs available and the ones that will provide the best sound quality are the ones that are produced in the early days. If you find old school record players that were made in the 1970s or around this time then I’m sure you’ll end up with a phonograph that has amazing sound quality. But of course, one thing to note is that these will only be able to play your parents’ or grandparents’ old records. On top of this, they may also be susceptible to damage and if something does break or get damaged, there won’t be much of a chance of getting it fixed on the cheap. You definitely won’t be having a manufacturer’s warranty to fall back on. The only upside is that you can usually get these from places like yard sales for a relatively inexpensive price.

Trying to find the best vintage record player from a yard sale doesn’t always turn out to be a success. This will entirely depend on what you intend to use this for. Will you be using it for show in your home or are you going to be playing your Dad’s old records?

Regardless of which function, you will have to go out and check out the turntable yourself. This will tell you whether the design is appealing and the sound quality is good enough.

In my opinion, you should go out and buy a vintage turntable that has modern technology alongside an antique design. There are some vintage phonographs that are associated with this and one of the best sounding ones is the Pyle PTCDCS32BT. This looks amazing because it comes with a horn so it will definitely stand out more than any other decoration piece in your room. On top of that, it has all the essential features that you are going to need. It will produce good quality sound though this won’t be the best around simply because these types of turntables are extremely difficult to find. For this reason, this Pyle vintage turntable is probably your best bet when it comes to getting a phonograph with high quality of sound. This will appeal to some people but may not be suitable for others because it definitely costs quite a bit. Due to this, you need to make sure that you evaluate all the options before coming to a final decision.

Make sure that you go out and visit a few yard sales while at the same time researching online for what you are looking for in a vintage record player. Spending a little bit of time doing will ensure that you will ultimately find success.

New Strategies Show a New Trend in Promotion Style

When Spotify, the Swedish music streaming startup, first came onto the scene, it absolutely exploded. The concept was simple but brilliant. Pay artists a small amount of money and get the rights to stream their songs instead. Then offer a free version of the program with advertisements in between each song, and a paid version with no adverts.

I don’t think anyone expected such a concept to be so successful. At this moment in time, Spotify have over 60 million subscribers, and artists are quite annoyed about that. Let’s face it, Spotify doesn’t pay artists much, they’re way too popular.

It will be interesting to see how the Beats Music Streaming service performs against the competition.

In 2014, Taylor Swift removed all her music from Spotify and earlier this year, Jay Z removed some of his albums as well. Bigger companies such as Apple, who are about to launch their own music streaming company, as well as Google, are offering artists exclusive deals to stream their music with them.

Recent reports suggest that Apple have been discussing with Taylor Swift on an exclusive deal to stream her music on their Beats streaming service. This might appeal to those Taylor Swift fans that have iOS devices and can no longer listen to her music on Spotify. When a company that sells headphones is starting their own streaming service, you know the competition is getting intense.

It’s quite obvious that the trend is moving towards artist exclusivity and it will be interesting to see how Spotify copes with this increased pressure. It might be difficult for them considering how big of a budget Apple have but there are plenty of people out there who don’t like change so you never know what’s going to happen.

Why I Like the “Music Matters” Project and You Should Do

Picture a community where everyone who loves music can connect with each other. Forget about just artists for the moment. I mean everyone, including songwriters, record labels, managers and even the retailers who sell the albums. Even the people who are wearing the headphones and actually listening to the music. Imagine what that would do for someone looking to become a successful musician. It would make a huge difference.

The Music Matters project is a very interesting idea.

Well, this is exactly what the “Music Matters” project is about. The concept of this project is that a series of short animated films will be created based on inspirational artists who have given their whole life to music. These films will act as a form of motivation to upcoming artists. I actually only found out about this project very recently but apparently, it was founded in 2010.

Many famous artists have agreed to sponsor this project, including Kate Bush and even the Beatles. I really do think this project will help a lot of upcoming artists who sometimes struggle in the music industry. Communities like these help people get inspiration and determination to keep going.

Apart from that, they also have an application for Android and iOS that lets you find music tracks and albums that you are looking for. There’s also a list of places where you can buy tracks. The point of this is to ensure that artists get paid properly for their work and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

To sum it all up, I think this project is a really good idea and believe that anyone who is looking to become successful in music should definitely check it out.

Tips for Picking the Best Router for Gaming

These are some tips to help you find the best router for gaming.There is nothing more annoying than a slow incompetent router. When playing video games online or streaming videos and movies over the Internet, it is important to have a device that is fast, durable and reliable. But for gaming, we definitely need the best router for gaming on the market. The good thing is that technology has improved considerably over the past few years and the latest gaming routers focus on excellent reliable performance alongside a decent value for money. The features that are integrated into these devices are more unique than ever before and for a tech nerd like me, it really is an exciting time when you are looking for something like this.

However, it must be said that we normally go all out to get a device with the highest specifications. We get tempted when we see what the potential for this device will be. The best thing to do here is to remember that the more impressive specs there are, the more the device is going to cost. As a result of this, we need to buy the best router for gaming based on our own requirements rather than based on the market where some people may be more experienced than others. Obviously speed is something that we need to focus on if we want our new device to provide that reliability.

Alongside speed and the price, the range of your router is also extremely important. It is important to get an idea about this by connecting to the router yourself or even reading about the subject online. The best gaming router will obviously come with a higher range but there are some routers that have antennas that can be changed.

If you have bought something like this then you can easily buy a better antenna and replace the old one with the lower range. Some other features that are important can include security features and the number of devices that can connect to the router. It is important to evaluate all of these factors before making the final decision.

The Value of Music in the 21st Century

To the general public, it seems like musicians and artists make way more money than they deserve.

After all, why should musicians be multi-millionaires while hard-working professionals like Doctors get paid peanuts in comparison. Well, the truth is that over the past decade, the value of music itself has actually decreased.

With the Internet becoming a necessity and piracy a norm, artists have lost a lot of money from their albums. The minute a song or album is released, it is already up on torrent sites for people to download.

With increasing sponsorships, we discuss what the true value of music is today.

Even streaming services like Spotify don’t pay artists much. This was quite clear when Taylor Swift, who has a net worth of over $200m, took all her songs off the streaming website.

Tidal, founded by multi-millionaire rapper Jay Z has also been making headlines lately. The new music service aims to rival Spotify and other streaming services by offering monthly music packages.

Whether you call it greed or not, there is no doubt that artists are losing a lot of money because of these streaming services and piracy.

Then comes the giant that is YouTube. Being the 3rd most popular website on the Internet, it takes up a massive chunk of the total Internet traffic. Artists upload songs in the hope that people like them and so buy the album. However, nothing is to stop you from putting on your headphones and just listening to songs without buying them.

There are also plenty of apps out there that easily download a YouTube video and convert it to mp3 format.

Sure, the artists make some money from advertisements when people watch a video, but that’s nothing compared to what they would be making if they sold songs.

There are also popular apps that block any sort of advertisement, forcing the artist to lose out again.

While it may sound surprising, artists actually make very little money from their albums and online streaming services. The real money today comes from concerts and corporate partnerships, which have increased tenfold over the last 20 years or so.

Truth be told, it all balances itself out.

While I agree that doctors are paid peanuts in comparison, it’s really all about demand and supply. There are so many doctors out there, but only a few musicians who can sell out concerts.

Creating a worldwide image is nothing short of impressive and those people, whether they are musicians or not, deserve all their success.

The Changing Face of Music Promotion

If you look back to a few years ago, music promotion was huge. Every time an artist was to release their album, they would first release a single a month before the album release. The artist would be on the radio and conducting interviews to promote their albums. This has completely changed today.

Soundcloud is a great way to promote your music.


Social media and the Internet have changed the face of music promotion. Just 2 months ago, the artist Drake released his album with no single or any promotion whatsoever. 24 hours before putting the album on iTunes, he simply tweeted about it. That’s all it took for a successful launch, selling hundreds of thousands of copies.

As I have mentioned countless times on this blog, with all the technology available at our fingertips, it has become so easy to become successful in the music industry if you’re willing to work hard. When you have access to music sites such as Soundcloud and YouTube, it is really easy to get found. Of course you need good quality content and talent, but if you don’t have either of those, you need to work incredibly hard before you can expect any sort of success.

This technology is a blessing because there are literally no promotional costs today and it has become very easy to hold a successful launch. You could even hold contests and offer to give away a couple of pairs of headphones. Even that will bring a lot of attention and will literally cost you nothing when you think about all of the sales you will make.

YouTube – The Silent Music Promoter

When YouTube was first founded back in 2005, I don’t think anyone could have predicted that it would become the largest video-sharing platform on the web. Yet, in less than 10 years, it has done just that, become the 3rd most popular site, right after Google and Facebook. Millions of people around the world use it today, whether it’s listening to music with their headphones on or learning some new skills.

YouTube has become a huge platform for promoting your music.

YouTube has played a very big part in the music industry, and is responsible for discovering many talented artists. The prime example everyone gives is of Justin Bieber. At just 12-years old, Bieber used to upload videos of cover songs up on YouTube. One day, whilst searching for songs, a marketing executive came across Justin’s videos and was so impressed, he tracked him down and offered him a multi-million dollar contract. The rest is history.

Justin Beiber isn’t the only successful artist who started out on YouTube. Others including Carly Rae Jepsen and Cody Simpson were also discovered on the video platform. YouTube has made it so easy for a talented individual to become successful. This doesn’t just apply to music; people with different skills have made very successful careers thanks to YouTube.

Uploading videos couldn’t be simpler. You just go to YouTube and create a free account. Then just upload videos on a regular basis. A catchy title and a high quality video go a long way. It’s not easy though, as you really do need to put a lot of effort into your videos. I’ve noticed that successful YouTube stars have always been very good at video editing. To put it simply, those who put effort into their videos will be the ones that become successful.

Overall though, I don’t think people realize how important YouTube actually is to the music industry. It has created vast fortunes for many artists and has encouraged so many teenagers to start creating their own videos in the hope of being discovered. It really has made a huge difference in finding talent.

Windows Mobile 10 to Change Microsoft’s Fortunes

It’s hard to believe that a company, which was the once the most profitable in the world has failed so miserably lately. Ever since the departure of Bill Gates, things have just been getting worse and worse for Microsoft. For the first time in its existence, they are actually offering the latest Windows 10 operating system for free. Normally a Windows OS license cost upwards of $150. The fact that they are offering it for free speaks volumes of their continued troubles.

Acquisition of Nokia

With the acquisition of Nokia, there are rumors running around that Microsoft is starting to take its Windows Mobile platform a bit more seriously. Unfortunately, they might have just left it a little too late. Here at Yung Onyx, we really like Windows Mobile. The operating system runs blazing fast on minimal specs and is very smooth.

Microsoft are counting on their new Windows 10 Mobile OS to change their fortunes in the smartphone industry.

Saying that, we can’t see the new Windows Mobile 10 OS to make a significant impact. Microsoft made the initial mistake of not focusing on the mobile platform when Apple and Google were battling it out. Microsoft should have offered developers large incentives to develop for their platform. After all, apps can make or break an ecosystem. On top of that, Microsoft should have charged low prices for their handsets from the very beginning. This would have attracted new consumers, as the risk wasn’t that big. However, it’s now gotten to a point where most people have now developed brand loyalty to either Apple or Google. It’s very difficult for a struggling company to break down 2 giants in the mobile world and we can’t see Windows Mobile 10 changing that.

Evolution of iOS over the last 10 Years

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS have had an uphill battle over the last 10 years. Apple started it all off with the original iPhone back in 2007 and took control of the smartphone market. Google slowly caught up and then overtook Apple by investing significant resources in its Android OS.

Android vs iOS

More and more people were switching over to Android as Apple’s iOS had become “too boring”. This ultimately led to Apple making drastic changes in iOS7, which ended up being very unpopular with a lot of people. As Android smartphones still tend to show signs of lag, a lot of people went back to the fluid interface of Apple’s iOS.

As this intense battle continues, we thought it would be worth taking a look at the history and evolution of iOS. There’s no doubt that Apple have made significant changes, some for the better and some for the worse. We have included a link to an infographic that sums everything up in a clear and concise manner. Do let us know which features you like in the latest version of iOS and which features you miss from previous versions.